Some MAD news! 

MAD Blog Awards UK 2015

After the excitement of the MAD blog award nomination I promptly went on holiday to an Internet free zone and let things run their course. You clearly did a stunning job.  I’m a MADs finalist! For those who visited and nominated in my absence a huge thank you! The shortlist was announced a week ago. I’ve been hiding my head in the sand ever since. From over 5000 blogs nominated my little, humble, ever so slightly geeky blog has made it through to the final of a major blog award.  The world at large must be wondering what on earth is going on. It really does go to show the power of having an excellent community behind you. You guys really are awesome! When I first visited the shortlist page I failed to see my name in the final six of my category. In fact I told Mr Muddy that I hadn’t made it through the nomination round. Then I noticed my blog traffic, (Much to my continued surprise I do actually get some!) I was getting visitors from the MADS finalist page. Hey? I checked again. Oh! There I was in the shortlist of The Best Family Fun Category. How had I missed that? How do I manage to find geocaches when I fail to see my name in a list of six! 😉 I’ve had a week for the news to sink in now so it’s time to start telling the world I’m a MAD Blog Awards Finalist! How exciting and scary! Voting is now open and I would love to have your vote – but only if you think I deserve it! You can vote for me here. You’ll find me in the drop down under the Best Family Fun section. Voting closes on Friday 26th June. Good Luck to all the finalists. For all of you voting, I thank you from the bottom of my….muddy boots!

22 thoughts on “Some MAD news! 

  1. You go girl!!!! I am so excited for you that I voted for you BEFORE my morning cup of coffee!! You are an excellent writer with a great blog! Love reading it and glad other people see how awesome slightly nerdy can be!!!!! 😉


      1. How would you feel like a fraud??? Your stories are funny you’re writing is great!! Love all of your stories and I even share many of them with my husband including a lot of your fun geocache finds tips everything!!!!!

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      2. I wish I could write better like you do instead of my random ramblings but yeah do what you got to work with! 😀


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